Please use this link to reserve your hotel room: AC18 Room Reservations

Our venue is the where we have held our previous events and which has further improved its impressive business facilities through a £ multi-million improvement programme, winning the 2016 ‘European Hotel Design Awards’ and ‘Best Hotel for Events’ at the London Venue Awards!

We block-reserved a limited number of rooms at special rates starting at £130 (inc. VAT) for a double room, and including breakfast and wi-fi, compared to the standard rate of £199.

Update: this specific offer is sold-out and no longer available after 4th October, however, we have placed a dedicated link to the Marriott via where you might find another discounted deal for the Marriott or a neighbouring hotel.


Carbon Neutrality

Through our event carbon offset partner, Ecosphere, this conference will be made ‘carbon neutral’. Activities such as consuming electricity, catering, accommodation and delegates’ flights to and from LHR will be offset using high quality REDD+ projects in the developing world. The Organisers thank Ecosphere for their generosity.