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Aviation Carbon is an independent, special-event partnership, created by the owners of GreenAir Online, Green Aviation and Verifavia. We are three highly respected, very experienced and ‘neutral’ organisations who’ve been organising high quality, informative, educational, global events since 2009.

We’ve attended hundreds of conferences and other events over many years and we now leverage our experience to deliver great events for you. But we’re not the only ones who believe that we do a good job – feedback from delegates and sponsors from our previous events indicates that 85% rate us highly, only 11% rating us being average.

We only organise an event when we believe there is a major aviation industry initiative or major update that’s worthwhile getting professionals physically together in a prime business location to learn more about it, hear from and question experts and other key representatives, and also to offer the participants a unique networking opportunity to meet their peers and get new contacts.

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